Preparing for the good fight in marketing [Review].

“I’m very interested in contributing to the creation of authentic, valuable businesses and cultivating marketing organizations that contribute to them in a meaningful way. Marketing has an important role that goes far beyond spreading awareness and supporting revenue goals.

We can drive positive change in the tech industry, and the tech industry needs change. Through content, events, messaging and more, marketing serves as a gatekeeper for those issues and people who will end up in the spotlight.

Don’t let my idealistic outlook fool you, I’ve been doing this job for over 14 years, leading high-performance marketing teams in B2B technology companies and having a lot of fun doing it! Some of my favorite areas are go-to-market and product marketing, demand gen, sales enablement, content, community and ABM.”

What is the SWOT Analysis?

From interview to practice

Okay, but why are you telling me all this?



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