Why I distrusted growth hacking and why I decided to understand it anyway [review].

I don’t trust growth hacking.

There I said it! Things that shine too bright have never appealed to me. I’m more likely to trust sincere, humble models that start with the assumption that you need to listen a lot before you speak. And here’s where I was wrong, with a bias probably generated by overly enthusiastic posts about the miraculous practices of growth hacking and how they led companies like Air BnB or Netflix to make big numbers in a very short time.

Growth Marketing, a different story

I didn’t want to stop at this first impression, but to understand why thousands of professionals who work with tools such as SEO, SEM, Digital PR, Email Marketing benefit from these techniques. And it is with this spirit that I approached the courses of John McBride of CXL Institute on Growth Marketing and in particular on the basics of this discipline.

A nice to know fact about Automation

And when an experiment is successful? This is where the role of marketing automation is fundamental and phenomenal.

Ok, but why are you telling me all this?

This post is the result of a nice training opportunity that happened to me with a bit of luck. On Linkedin I follow the marketing agency MOCA by Marco Ziero (because they have a nice newsletter, very useful and a way of perceiving marketing that convinces me). From there I saw that some accounts had obtained online certifications from a portal unknown to me. After visiting the site for a few minutes I was already suffering from that strong complex of “I’d like to but I can’t”. To my surprise, without believing it too much, I got a scholarship from CXL Institute, the Academy founded by Peep Laja. A reality that brings together many marketers that I respect and follow for a long time, with very practical courses. There remains the challenge of being able to transform the practical knowledge developed by professionals operating in an Anglo-Saxon context, a bit different from ours, and apply it in the Italian context, which has its roots in very different assumptions.



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